90s Make-Up Guide. «Com’era il trucco negli anni ’90?» Una domanda che il mio pubblico di follower, studenti e professionisti mi rivolge spesso. A differenza dei decenni precedenti infatti, caratterizzati proprio da trucco e acconciature ben definibili e strong, nei 90s gli estremismi paiono svanire in favore di un volto in linea con il minimalismo, circondato da una semplice riga al centro. Vedremo nelle immagini che ho raccolto per voi, come nel 1990 e 1991 si assista a revival di stili primi ’60, per poi dal 1992 evolversi attraverso il Grunge.

Ci sono tuttavia dei punti fermi a cui impossibile sottrarsi per realizzare un make-up perfettamente primi 90s:

1: Volto chiaro, chiarissimo, opacizzato dalla cipria.

2: Labbra – in contrasto col pallore – ingrandite da rossetti Mat di colori scuri, estremamente usato il color mattone, il bordeaux, il vinaccia, in alcuni casi anche il rosso e il nero, per un look creepy – neo goth.

3: Blush, poco, utile ad accendere le guance, che spesso erano rosa dall’effetto naturale, come accese dal freddo. Nell’estate del 1993 fu di moda il rosso corallo nelle sue sfumature, alternato al “deserto rosa”, con toni ambrati, sfumature sabbia, argilla, polveri avorio rosé.

4: Occhi intensi e languidi con ombretti sfumati, molto leggeri, nei toni dell’arancio, del bordeaux, del viola, per uno sguardo perduto e malaticcio da bad girl, evidenziato da un sottile rigo di eyeliner in stile anni ’60.

5: Sopracciglia sottili, molto sottili, in casi più estremi anche del tutto depilate.

Nel complesso gli anni ’90 hanno racchiuso nella loro estetica, un insieme di novità provenienti da culture ed epoche diverse, segnando il trionfo del Vintage. Era assai alla moda il revival relativo al periodo fine anni ’60 primi anni ’70. A partire dal 1992 il cambiamento sociale venne interpretato dalla moda attraverso la creazione di abiti e look essenziali, acconciature semplici, e volti dal trucco minimal chic, il make-up fu di ispirazione agli anni ’20.

Il Grunge

Fu proprio nel 1992 che dal mondo musicale di Seattle giunse il Grunge, diffondendo lo stile estetico di band come i Sonich Youth e i Nirvana sulle passerelle. Icone della musica e del cinema, come Curtney Love e Drew Barrymore, comparivano in tv e sui magazine indossando quello stile che pareva provenire da una dimensione notturna e da un tempo lontano.

70s Revival

Nel 1993 il revival dello stile anni ’70 crebbe, anche grazie al look di Madonna (vedi articolo cliccando qui) che nel suo video “Deeper and Deeper” ripropose con successo una splendida estetica “Disco”. Intanto insieme ad attrici e cantanti il fashion system e la cultura pop celebravano nuove eroine: supermodelle dai volti straordinari, testimonial contese dagli stilisti ed emulate dal pubblico di tutto il mondo, anche nel trucco. Di seguito una serie di immagini che ripercorrono gli anni ’90, l’edonismo che ha caratterizzato questo decennio è visibile sui volti, il trucco è un segno, e si vede.

Nel mio prossimo articolo la storia del Make-Up dal 1994 al 1999.

Chi vuole approfondire tematiche riguardanti aspetti insoliti della storia della moda può leggere il mio libro, il link al termine di questo articolo.

Luciano Lapadula

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“What was the makeup like in the 90s?” A question that my audience of followers, students and professionals often asks me. Unlike previous decades, in fact, characterized precisely by make-up and hairstyles well defined and strong, in the 90s the extremisms seem to fade in favor of a face in line with minimalism, surrounded by a simple middle part. We will see in the images that I have collected for you, how in the 1990s and 1991 there was a revival of early 60s styles, and then from 1992 everything evolved through Grunge.

However, there are some fixed points that it is impossible to avoid in order to create a perfectly early 90s make-up:

1: Face clear, very clear, opacified by face powder.

2: Lips – in contrast to the pallor – enlarged by Mat lipsticks of dark colors, brick, burgundy, marc, in some cases even red and black, for a creepy – neo goth look.

3: Blush, little, useful for lighting the cheeks, which were often pink with a natural effect, as if lit by the cold. In the summer of 1993, coral red was fashionable in its shades, alternating with the “pink desert”, with amber tones, shades of sand, clay, ivory and rosé powders.

4: Intense and languid eyes with shaded, very light eyeshadows in shades of orange, burgundy, purple, for a lost and sickly bad girl look, highlighted by a thin line of 60s-style eyeliner .

5: Thin eyebrows, very thin, in more extreme cases even completely depilated.

Overall, the 90s enclosed in their aesthetics a set of novelties from different cultures, marking the triumph of Vintage. The revival for the late 60s and early 70s was very fashionable. Starting in 1992, social change was interpreted by fashion through the creation of essential clothes and looks, simple hairstyles, and faces with minimal chic makeup that was inspired by the 1920s.

Grunge Era

It was in 1992 that Grunge came from the musical world of Seattle, spreading the aesthetic style of bands like Sonich Youth and Nirvana on the catwalks. Music and cinema icons, such as Curtney Love and Drew Barrymore, appeared on TV and in magazines wearing that style that seemed to come from a nocturnal dimension and from a distant time.

70s Revival

In 1993 the revival of the 70s style grew, also thanks to Madonna’s look (see article here) who in her video “Deeper and Deeper” successfully reproduced a splendid “Disco” aesthetic. Meanwhile, together with actresses and singers, the fashion system and pop culture celebrated new heroines: supermodels with extraordinary faces, testimonials contested by stylists and emulated by audiences all over the world, even in make-up. Below is a series of images that retrace the 90s, the hedonism that characterized this decade is visible on the faces, makeup is a sign, and it shows. In my next article I will write about Make-Up in fashion history from 1994 to 1999. Anyone who wants to learn more about unusual aspects of the history of fashion can read my book, the link at the end of this article. Stay tuned and Follow me.

Luciano Lapadula

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From my press archive, a beautiful image signed by Giorgio Armani for his “Woman of the 90s”, which seems to come from the 1920s. Hair Oribe for Oribe at Parachute Hair. Makeup Rumiko for Suga Salon Nyc
Iceberg from Vogue Italia feb 1990. The model wears a strong make-up, in line with her rock look. The hairstyle is typical of 1990
Thin hair and gull wing eyebrows for Linda Evangelista. Vogue February 1990
Supermodel Linda Evangelista in Dolce & Gabbana on Vogue Italia Aug 1990. Linda’s make-up takes up the late New Look. Sophisticated and elegant, still a little Pin-Up
Madonna from a service dedicated to her by Herb Ritts on Vogue August 1990. The singer plays with a look and pose from the past, presents herself with thick eyebrows, an aspect that will radically change the following year. Read my post on Madonna and Marlene Dietrich here
Yasmeen Ghauri Vogue Italia Feb 1991 modeling Gianmarco Venturi ph by Walter Chin. The exotic beauty of the supermodel is highlighted by a warm and still rather strong make-up, in line with the fashion of 1991. It will change the following year
A pin-up eyeliner for Yaseen Ghauri in Valentino, on Vogue Italia February 1991
Countless and quick changes of look for supermodels. On Vogue Italia August 1991 Linda Evangelista wears a Make-Up that makes us remember Sophia Loren
Sherilyn Fenn, the iconic Twin Peaks actress, makes vintage 50s-style make-up the strong point for her splendid image. Steven Meisel for Dolce & Gabbana on Vogue Italia August 1991
1992. GRUNGE is a Fashion tred. Supertop Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy with “Nirvana” t-shirt Ph Steven Meisel on Vogue Us “Grunge and Glory”
Yasmeen Ghauri for Gaetano Navarra on Vogue Italy October 1992. The supermodel appears a year later with a Make-Up that is completely different from the previous one
Kate Moss arond 1992
One of the most iconic photographic shots of the 90s. Kate Moss together with Nadja Auermann wrapped in ostrich feather boas with a smokey eyes make-up, thin, languid and ethereal eyebrows evoke the atmosphere of the late 20s and early 30s (but 70s too). Dolce & Gabbana on Vogue Italy October 1992
Naomi Campbell for Anna Molinari Blumarine on Vogue Italy October 1992. 70s inspired Make-Up and Hairstyle
A minimal and bright make-up, shiny and flesh-colored lips, wet hair. Linda Evangelista sensual for Valentino Pelle on Vogue Italia October 1992
Always Linda Evangelista, this time haughty in her look that seems to come from the 60s. Very elegant and superb in Gianfranco Ferré on Vogue Italia October 1992. Ph Steven Meisel
Chanel ad. Model Christy Turlington, from Vogue Italia Dec 1992
Kristen McMenamy: an essential make-up that enhances the strong and intense features of the supermodel. Vogue Italia Dec 1992
Carla Bruni Make-Up on Vogue Italia December 1992
Christy Turlington in the early 90s poses for a photo shoot dedicated to Make-Up
Eva Herzigová, one of the most iconic face of 90s (and ever). Vogue Italia January 1993
Madonna Make-Up in 1993 c: No eyewbrows fro a 70s mood. Vintage was popular during 90s, thanks to Madonna too. Read my post on Madonna and Marlene Dietrich here
Carla Bruni wears a make-up suitable for the evening, the magazine says: very clear 60s style mouth
Supertop Helena Christensen on Vogue Italia Jan 1993
Stephanie Seymour, she wears a smokey eyes make-up that revisits the 60s style. Vogue Italia January 1993
Curly Middle Part for the beautiful top model Claudia Schiffer, 1993
Linda Evangelista. Oh yes this is very 90s
Kate Moss wears a Make-Up in perfect 90s style, which enhances the beauty of the face without hiding it
Still Kate Moss in 1993 with her special Make-Up, trend of the ’93 autumn: Romantic Glow. Ph Guy Marineau
Light shades and brick lipstick for an iconic make-up on an iconic supermodel: Eva Herzigová for Giorgio Grati. She adopted a Marilyn Monroe style. Vogue Italia October 1993
Very clear faces, 20s style thin eyebrows and middle part. This is the 90s face
Vogue Italia December 1993. The lightheartedness of that time on the faces of the models.
See you on my next article about make-up from ’94 to ’99.

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